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Seasonal Only No Daily Sites


Lakefront RV Park is looking to give an opportunity to local businesses to bringing work campers “workampers” to our area as an option for seasonal workers.

Work campers are typically retirees or semi retirees that live in their RV’s full time and work part-time or full-time jobs here and there to help stretch their pension and retirement, though younger families have become a part of the demographic in recent years due to the draw of full time RVing and getting to see the country while you work here and there.

Work campers have their own RV’s and tend to start booking their jobs 6 months plus ahead so they know where they are going next and can plan out their destination and travel to the destination. Work campers can come from anywhere in the country giving a much larger pool of people to draw from. They travel around not just for the jobs but to be able to see and vacation in the area, making the location as much if not more important than the actual job. Work campers have been around for a while but are more commonly known as taking jobs at campgrounds and RV parks such as camp host, grounds maintenance, retail shop clerk, or waitress, ect. as part of their wage is to have a campsite included for them to stay at. Amazon would be a business that took advantage of the work camper idea for its seasonal rush and is more in tune with the idea of what we are looking to provide here. Work campers have their own job forums and Facebook pages for job and worker postings such as workamper.com see below for additional links. Lakefront RV Park is looking to provide campsites to our local businesses so the business can renew their campsite year after year, and essentially house these workers, but this doesn’t have to be just workcampers as maybe you have your own camper and someone to work for you but nowhere to house them. Now you can place your camper on a campsite to help house your summer staff. Contact us today to see if workamping at Lakefront RV Park can be a housing and staffing solution for your business.

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